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Ruby Falls and Cathedral Caverns State Park.

The latest adventure is fueled by Grama’s Cookies a flavored all Natural- Hand Blended-Chemical Free coffee. A rich combination of molasses and spice, taking you to that special place of childhood memories.

waterfalls, underground waterfall, caves
Ruby Falls Tennessee

1720 South Scenic Hwy,

Chattanooga, TN 37409

The adventure may not be for the claustrophobic as you descend 26 stories over 1,000 feet below ground to start your expedition. Once the elevator doors open wind your way further thorough the cave formations and rock turns before reaching your final destination a stunning 145 foot water fall illuminated with led lights. During the exploration of the area it was reported the founder of the waterfall had tunneled and slithered his way into the depths of the earth and was gone for 17 hours when he discovered the underground waterfall.

637 Cave Rd

Woodville, AL 35769

Cathedral Caverns State Park can be stunning right from the arrival as you stare into the Giant opening which measures 125 feet wide by 25 feet high. As you peer into the dark abyss before entering your mind wander at what you are about to see. The cavern does not disappoint with almost two miles of paths traveling deep inside the earth. As you walk along the dim light paths the cave maintains a constant 60-degree temperature all year long. Stand next to one of the worlds largest stalagmites which measures 45 feet tall and 243 feet in circumference. As you continue to explore it feels as if you are taken back in time by the appearance of the cave. Dozens of shark’s teeth have been reportedly found throughout the cave, while on your tour a few are visible stuck in time in the rock above your head. If that is not mind blowing enough for you stop and enjoy one of the few rock waterfalls that have been etched over thousands of years. Yes, the rock looks as if it was poured and frozen in time and resembles a flowing waterfall. A short drive from Guntersville Alabama Cathedral Cavers State Park is a place you must stop and see.

Mother nature is amazing and all around us so if you are ever in the area to explore Ruby falls or Cathedral Caverns state park be sure to enjoy what they have to offer! #coffeewithatasteofadventure


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