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Coffee with a taste of Adventure

small batch coffee

Meet NoCo Grit Coffee

At NoCo Grit Coffee, sustainable-sourced coffee beans produced with respect for the environment and the farmers is important to us. Our coffee and mission is to celebrate life and adventure with each and everyone one of our customers whatever your passion is. So start your adventure one cup at a time with NoCo Grit Coffee.

Meet the Owners

Chris and Jen Flint


Works to build an economy that supports a better life for farming families through market access, sustainable and equitable trade relationships, advocacy and consumer awareness. Coffee purchased from certified cooperatives must be at or above the fair trade minimum price set by Fair Trade International.


USDA organic certification was created to verify sustainable agriculture - food free of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Simply put, organic certification indicates sustainable agriculture - food produced in harmony with nature, biodiversity, and healthy soil.


The rainforest alliance seal means that a farm has been audited to meet sustainability standards relating to environmental, social, and economic factors. To become certified, producers must meet criteria set by the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN). SAN standards are built on principles of sustainable farming, biodiversity conservation, improved livelihoods and human well-being, natural resource conservation, and effective planning and farm management systems.


Founded in 2004, to help women and their families in coffee communities. The foundation helps promote the integration of women coffee farmers into social, political and occupational organizations by providing grants that help support the women’s efforts and enhance their status within the community. In doing so, the foundation is able to help improve the overall quality of life for the entire community and support a sustainable economic system.


Swiss Water® is the innovative craft of using pure water to gently remove caffeine. A 100% chemical free process decaffeinates coffee in small batches.


A proud partner with Java Love Roasting Company. Java Love is committed to supporting local and global communities – only sourcing coffee beans produced with respect for the environment and farmers.

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